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JNTUH & JNTUA: 4-1 Text Books of all branches

JNTUH & JNTUA: 4-1 (R09) Text Books of all branches

Points to be noted before u download the books
1) Register in 4shared website to download the books.
2) Unzip the rar files after u download by using any rar/zip software.
3) Password to open rar files is
4) Subjects having * Symbol Requires Djvu Software to open the files


Advance Computer Architecture Book 1
Advanced Foundation Engineering Book 1 Book 2 Book 3
Advance Reinforced Concrete Structures Book 1
CAD / CAM Book 1 Book 2
Cloud Computing Book 1
Composite Materials Book 1
Computer Graphics Book-1
Computer Networks Book-1 Book-2
Data Warehousing & Data Mining Book 1
Design Patterns Book 1 Book 2
Digital Image Processing Book 1
Digital Control Systems Book 1
Disaster Management & Mitigation Book 1
Distributed Computing Book 1 Book 2
Electrical Distribution Systems Book 1
Elements of Earthquake Engineering Book 1
Embedded Systems Book 1 Book 2 Book 3
EMI & EMC Book 1
Finite Element Methods Book 1 Book 2
Ground Water Development & Management Book 1
High Voltage Engineering Book 1 Book 2
Human Computer Interaction Book 1 Book 2
Image Processing & Pattern Recognition Book 1 Book 2
Information Retrieval Systems Book 1
Linux Programming * Book 1 Book 2
Machine Learning Book 1
Management Science Book 1
Mechanical Vibrations Book 1
Mechatronics Book 1
Micro Wave Engineering Book 1
Mobile Application Development Book 1
Mobile Computing Book 1 Book 2 Book 3
Multimedia & Rich Internet Applications Book 1
Multimedia & Signal Coding Book 1
Object Oriented Analysis & Design Book 1
Operations Research Book 1
Optical Communications Book 1
Optimization Techniques Book 1
Power Plant Engineering Book 1
Principles of Digital Signal Processing Book 1
Remote Sensing and its applications Book 1
Robotics Book 1 Book 2
Scripting Languages Book 1
Semantic web & Social Networks Book 1 Book 2
Soft Computing Book 1
Software Testing Methodologies Book 1
Switch Gear & Protection Book 1
Telecommunication Switching Systems Book 1 Book 2 Book 3
Television Engineering Book 1
VLSI Design Book 1
Unconventional Machining Processes Book 1
Utilisation of Electric Energy Book 1
Watershed Management Book 1
Water Resources Planning & Management Book 1
Wireless Networks & Mobile Computing Book 1 Book 2 Book 3

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